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We know how difficult it is for Nurseries to afford and maintain computers for their children. A weekly visit from Technokids is a great way to demonstrate your nursery’s commitment to providing high quality education:

Our sessions are designed to focus children’s natural curiosity and encourage them to discover computers as instruments of wonder, fun and learning. 


Over the course of a term they will use a wide range of carefully selected software to develop a variety of thinking skills.


They will be introduced to all the basics of computing, from the simplest mouse and keyboard skills through to the basics of programming & testing algorithms.


We aim to channel their natural enthusiasm with tasks that are tailored to their age and ability, and to encourage them to explore and master the world of computers.


















  • We bring our computers (up to 12 Laptops/iPads) to your nursery.


  • We teach sessions using a wide selection of the best children's software available - specially designed for the Early Years Foundation Stage.


  • We can lead groups with one child per laptop, or larger groups working in pairs, according to your preference.


  • Our weekly lesson times can be flexible to fit within the school routine. Lessons normally last for 30 minutes and we can run several sessions back to back.


  • All of our teachers are fully trained, hold an Enhanced DBS (Police) check and a Safeguarding in Education Certificate.


Our Digital Literacy modules are designed to develop a range of technical skills - which children will need as they progress through school and beyond:

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