Our Lego:/Robotics modules are great for all those young engineers out there - with hundreds of models to build, coding challenges to complete and tonnes of STEM Learning along the way...

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The TK Lego Learning Pathway - Core Skills:

  • Improving computational and critical thinking skills

  • Incorporating sensors and motors into your creations –so they can move and interact with their environment

  • Controlling or simulating physical systems

  • Testing, problem solving and programming

  • Working to detect and correct errors; with variables and various forms of input and output

  • Using technology safely, respectfully and responsibly

  • Understanding ways to use technology to make things better, easier and more efficient

WeDo Starter

Building a variety of models inspired by real-world scientific themes and challenges:

  • Glowing Snail, Cooling Fan, Moving satellite, Spy Robot

  • Milo the Science Rover, Pulling Machine, Racing Car

  • Tadpole and Frog

  • Bee and Flower

  • Flood barrier, Recycling machine

WeDo Builder

Experimenting with types of motion - lift, grab, revolve, steer, tilt & turn, spinning, flex joints, cranks etc:

  • Lunar module

  • Earthquake simulator

  • Robotic hand/grabbing machine,

  • Forklift, Snowplough,

  • Morse code joystick,

  • Volcano alarm

  • Rescue Helicopter and more !!


Building a series of imaginative models + programming them using touch, tilt, loops & conditionals:

  • Botzee robot, Performing Seal

  • Robot dog, Turbo car

  • Drumming monkey, Wise Owl

  • Hungry Crocodile, Boom box +

  • Squeezeclaw, Annoy-o-matic,

  • Lego Launcher, Supercharged speedster & more!!

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Amazing Machines

Building a variety of classic and modern machines & programming them to move (or react) in realistic simulations:

  • Formula 1 Car, Fighter plane

  • Locomotive, Bicycle

  • Excavator, Combine harvester

  • Exercise machine, Blacksmith

  • Robot companion and more !!

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Crazy Creatures

Building a variety of animals or dinosaur models & programming them to move (or react) in realistic simulations:

  • Crab, Crocodile, Cheetah

  • Elephant, Scorpion

  • Cobra, Komodo Dragon

  • Brachiosaur, T-Rex or flying Pterodactyl!

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Cool Characters

Building a series of fun innovative characters & programming them to move (or react) in realistic simulations:

  • Santa Claus, Minion,

  • Pikachu, Minecraft creeper,

  • Pirate ship and cave

  • Medieval knight, Skateboarder

  • Goalkeeper, Drummer + kit

Spike Essential 1

Understanding sequences, learning to break problems into smaller parts (decomposition), understanding simple loops, exploring the process of testing & debugging, developing collaborative skills.

Great Adventures:

  • Boat launcher, Snowmobile, Cave Car, Animal Alarm, Underwater Quest, Tree House Observatory, Desert Adventure

Amazing Amusement Park:

  • Classic carousel, The Perfect Swing, The fast lane, Twirling Teacups, Snack Stand, Ferris Wheel + Remix the Ride!

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Spike Essential 2

Developing an understanding of energy transfer and collision. Exploring the relationship between energy & speed and investigating a solution that converts energy from one form into another + testing the solution to improve and refine its function.

Getting Around Town:

  • The River Ferry, Taxi! Taxi! Hovering Helicopter, Swamp Boat, Cable Car, Big Bus


Crazy Carnival:

  • Mini Mini Golf, Bowling Fun, High Stick Hockey, A-Maze-ing, Avoid the edge, Junior Pinball + challenges

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Spike Prime 1 & 2

Developing engineering design skills - investigating ways of defining problems, brainstorming solutions and testing and refining prototypes.


Quirky Creations:


  • Good morning machine, Big Little helper, High Tech Playground, Rubbish Monster machine, Winning goal, Literary randomizer + challenges

Invention Squad:

  • Design multiple prototypes in order to find the most effective way to move a robot without using wheels

  • Test the efficiency of two different grabber designs and determine the best one based on specific test criteria

  • Invent a desktop helper

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