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Our Lego:/Robotics modules are great for all those young engineers out there - with hundreds of models to build, coding challenges to complete and tonnes of STEM Learning along the way...

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The TK Lego Learning Pathway - Core Skills:

  • Improving computational and critical thinking skills

  • Incorporating sensors and motors into your creations –so they can move and interact with their environment

  • Controlling or simulating physical systems

  • Testing, problem solving and programming

  • Working to detect and correct errors; with variables and various forms of input and output

  • Using technology safely, respectfully and responsibly

  • Understanding ways to use technology to make things better, easier and more efficient


Building a variety of models inspired by real-world scientific themes and challenges:

  • Glowing Snail, Cooling Fan, Moving satellite, Spy Robot

  • Milo the Science Rover, Pulling Machine, Racing Car

  • Tadpole and Frog

  • Bee and Flower

  • Flood barrier, Recycling machine

WeDo Builder

Experimenting with types of motion - lift, grab, revolve, steer, tilt & turn, spinning, flex joints, cranks etc:

  • Lunar module

  • Earthquake simulator

  • Robotic hand/grabbing machine,

  • Forklift, Snowplough,

  • Morse code joystick,

  • Volcano alarm

  • Rescue Helicopter and more !!

Inventor 1 & 2

Building a series of imaginative models + programming them using touch, tilt, loops & conditionals:

  • Botzee robot, Performing Seal

  • Robot dog, Turbo car

  • Drumming monkey, Wise Owl

  • Hungry Crocodile, Boom box +

  • Make an electric screwdriver, gear box, drawbridge, water pump, egg whisk and more!

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Amazing Machines

Building a variety of classic and modern machines & programming them to move (or react) in realistic simulations:

  • Formula 1 Car, Fighter plane

  • Locomotive, Bicycle

  • Excavator, Combine harvester

  • Exercise machine, Blacksmith

  • Robot companion and more !!

Lego t-rex-voorpagina-render-zonder-schaduw_edited.png
Crazy Creatures

Building a variety of animals or dinosaur models & programming them to move (or react) in realistic simulations:

  • Crab, Crocodile, Cheetah

  • Elephant, Scorpion

  • Cobra, Komodo Dragon

  • Brachiosaur, T-Rex or flying Pterodactyl!

Lego Pikachu_edited_edited.png
Cool Characters

Building a series of fun innovative characters & programming them to move (or react) in realistic simulations:

  • Santa Claus, Minion,

  • Pikachu, Minecraft creeper,

  • Pirate ship and cave

  • Medieval knight, Skateboarder

  • Goalkeeper, Drummer + kit

Spike Essential 1

Understanding sequences, utilizing simple loops, exploring the process of testing & debugging + developing collaborative skills.

Take some Great Adventures:

  • Boat launcher, Snowmobile, Cave Car, Animal Alarm, Underwater Quest, Tree House Observatory, Desert Adventure

Make an Amazing Amusement Park:

  • Classic carousel, The Perfect Swing, The fast lane, Twirling Teacups, Snack Stand, Ferris Wheel + Remix the Ride!

Lego Scorpion_edited.png
Spike Imagineer

"Imagineers .. work every day to create awesome play experiences that make children laugh and learn...innovative thinking, bold ideas and daring creativity!"

Be an Imagineer! Build and code a range of amazing moving models, including:


  • Scorpions & Spiders

  • Crabs & Crocodiles

  • A Viking boat and a Flying Witch!

  • Bunnies, Penguins and Parrots

  • A Downhill Ski-er

  • A Drawing robot

  • A real Lego Mario!

Lego spike monster_edited.png
Spike Essential 2

Developing an understanding of energy transfer and collision! Exploring the relationship between energy & speed and investigating solutions to improve/refine ideas.

Getting Around Town:

  • The River Ferry, Taxi! Taxi! Hovering Helicopter, Swamp Boat, Cable Car, Big Bus


Crazy Carnival:

  • Mini Mini Golf, Bowling Fun, High Stick Hockey, A-Maze-ing, Avoid the edge, Junior Pinball + challenges

Lego Spike Quirky_edited.png
Spike Advanced

Developing engineering design skills - investigating ways of defining problems, brainstorming solutions and testing and refining prototypes.


Quirky Creations:


  • Good morning machine, Big Little helper, High Tech Playground, Rubbish Monster machine, Winning goal, Literary randomizer + challenges

Invention Squad:

  • Design multiple prototypes in order to find the most effective way to move a robot without using wheels

  • Test the efficiency of two different grabber designs and determine the best one based on specific test criteria

  • Invent a desktop helper

Lego spike 18_edited.png
Spike Prime

Develop effective problem-solving skills by decomposing problems into smaller parts + use conditions and compound conditions to program encoded devices.

Kickstart a Business:

  • Replicate a 'Quality check' robot, make a Delivery cart and a lockable safe deposit box

  • Create and program an automated helper that can identify and ship the correct package based on color.

Life Hacks:

  • Use variables to count the number of sit-ups and calories burned during a workout

  • Synchronize motor movements of a "break dancer" to keep in rhythm with light and beats

BricQ  Adventures

Using BricQ kits to investigate the science of sports, understanding forces, motion and interactions

Experiment with gears, springs, weighted blocks & more

Working with push and pull forces, friction, tension etc

  • Have a dance competition, launch the push car derby, play ice hockey, make a tightrope walker or a Sail car powered by wind!

  • Make a gymnast powered car, a pneumatic ski slope, a free kick launcher, a wind powered yacht and a mechanical propeller vehicle!

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