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Children love to express themselves - our Creative Computing modules give them the opportunity to bring their ideas to life!

Technokids Creative Leaning in the Classroom
  • Creating a Storybook

  • Combining written, visual & sound effects

  • Creating illustrations,
    writing sentences and
    recording sounds

  • Elementary Touch typing

  • Creating pictures

  • Using a wide variety of
    graphics packages

  • Mastering various art tools

  • Recreating famous artwork

  • Using patterns & symmetry

  • Expressing emotion in Art

  • Learning about beats, notes, rhythm & melody

  • Composing simple songs

  • Sequencing a drum beat

  • Recording sounds &
    experimenting with effects

  • Mixing a pop song!

  • Forming ideas -Brainstorming and storyboarding

  • Creating your own Lego stop motion animation

  • Adding narration and custom text, importing special FX

  • Recording a soundtrack

  • Making an animated movie trailer!

Colour wheel Designer
  • Create a greetings card

  • Use customized text,pictures, backdrops etc

  • 3D graphic modeling:
    Design your own house,
    playground or Moonbase

  • Symmetrical Monsters!

Making movies

  • Recording, editing, adding filters

  • Experimenting with special FX

  • Slo-Mo, cutting, scene transitions

  • Make a Vlog and learn about being responsible and staying safe when posting content

  • Star in your own Pop music video!

  • Make a spy or superhero movie trailer

Lego Animation:
  • Learning about the animation process - focusing on technique and composition

  • Using different camera shots to good effect - differing angles, lighting, close ups, aerial view etc

  • Capturing images frame by frame to create the impression of movement - e.g. making waves!

  • Building a scene and making an object fly around it!

Lego Animation:
  • Learning about the animation process - focusing on ways to express emotion & create dynamics

  • Investigating ways to change facial expressions using Lego Dots

  • Using special care in arm/leg/head movements

  • Creating a synchronised dance routine of a Lego pop band!

  • Animating a rescue mission following an accident..

Lego Animation:
  • Learning about the animation process - focusing on ways to create drama and tension

  • Jungle adventures - avoid the predators in a search for the Golden treasure!

  • Abandoned building - will the emergency services arrive in time?

  • Bungee jumping off a tower

  • Film a 1920's style silent movie /train track rescue mission!

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