Our Coding courses have been designed to be fun and innovative, with a wide variety of coding challenges, games and projects:

Coding for Kids
  • Sequencing commands to make things happen!

  • Build & code a variety of modular robots

  • Code & Go! Designing and solving mazes

  • Programming virtual robots to follow directions, recognising patterns and solving problems

Bring characters to life
  • Understanding algorithms

  • Controlling interactive Robots

  • Looking out for Bugs! (debugging)

  • Solving fun coding challenges

  • Creating characters and bringing them to life!

Loops and procedures
  • Making algorithms & codes in lots of creative formats

  • Introducing Loops & Procedures

  • Fun with Programming - robots, dragons, space buggies & animations

  • Building & coding a mini computer!

Using algorithms
  • Creating and refining algorithms/computer code

  • Learning to use Events, Loops & simple if/when conditions

  • Creating & Coding your own amazing dancers or spooky animations!

  • Make your own virtual fidget spinner!

Coder 2.0
  • Sequencing complex block-based algorithms to solve game based coding challenges

  • Working systematically to find and fix errors in your code

  • Solving problems by breaking them into smaller parts (decomposing)

  • Design, code & debug your own 'Crossy Road/Frogger' game

Game lab programming
  • Editing code and explaining how it works

  • Designing programs to achieve specific goals

  • Using Variables and functions

  • Programming in a game lab to create your own games!

  • Make a 3D racing game

  • Refining gameplay/controls

Train your robot dog
  • Developing ideas for coding
    with interactive Robots

  • Creating & solving obstacle
    courses, coding party games!

  • Train your Robot Dog, program a light show or use your robot as a bowling ball!

  • Build a computer and explore its insides!

  • Create and innovate with code in Art, music & more

  • Hack Minecraft!

  • Reprogram classic games like  Snake and Pong

  • Create and code your own video games using touch/tilt inputs and Xbox style controllers

  • Incorporating Events, functions & variables

  • Code your own platform game

  • Adv. debugging techniques