About us


We run coding & digital literacy clubs for children at Primary and Nursery schools.

We visit more than 40 schools across London every week!

We also provide in-curriculum lessons for many Independent & Prep schools.

Our lessons equip children with the confidence and skills needed to understand, make and create technology!

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At Technokids computer clubs children learn how to make their ideas come to life!
We bring Laptops, iPads, Programmable Robots and other tech into schools during and after the school day. We use them to teach a variety of modules designed to support the Computing curriculum for Key stage 1 & 2 and the Early Years.
Our aim is to develop Digital literacy, Creative Computing and Coding skills in a fun, social context.
We believe that for children to genuinely develop in computing they need to use a wide range of programs, devices and platforms.
Technology for kids
Educational apps - Techno Kids

​Our fun learning sessions are equally popular with both boys and girls!


Joining Technokids is a fantastic way for them to develop computing skills in a social context and get a great head-start in digital literacy & computer science.


Using the amazing tech that we bring into school, we can teach a variety of modules tailored to the needs of each child.

Specific modules are normally decided upon by our tutors, who conduct an informal assessment in the first session.

They then choose the most appropriate module according to the ability of the child or the level of the group. Each module takes 1 term to complete.

Lessons are supplemented with a range of educational apps and activities, focusing on logical reasoning & creative design.



Each week we spend approximately two thirds of the session working through activities and projects in order to complete the technical objectives required for our modules.


The rest of the session is devoted to educational tasks and challenges which are also chosen according to the interests of each child.


We use a wide variety of software and Apps (100+ titles). These are carefully selected to ensure that the children enjoy their sessions and learn as much as possible.

Class Structure
Digital Literacy
Creative Computing
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“Technokids provide an exciting introduction into the world of IT. The fantastic variety of software they use improves concentration and fine motor skills, and most of all... the children love it!”


Nadia Alger, Principal

Tara House Montessori

"..thanks for the feedback on Georgia - she LOVES Technokids, and spent all breakfast telling her sister how fab the classes are, and what she can now do...a lot more than me, I can tell you!"


Mrs B, Parent at

Strand on the Green Infants

".. since starting secondary school Harry has been getting very positive comments from his new teachers - he has really impressed them with his skills and creativity ...

so many thanks, you did a really good job with him!


Mr J, Parent at St John's


Trusted provider of Computing education in over 40 schools

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